Office phone exchanges

This is the way how to arrange the telecommunications system in your company. A possibility to reach the employee right at the work place, forward a call to another employee or to communicate to the farther part of the office  without needless expenses and without leaving the desk are only a few of the benefits provided by private branch exchange.

No secret that nowadays any person being involved into business has it’s own mobile phone, however, it is not enough for large or just growing office to have only mobile communications both between employees and with customers, which is quite bad solution at the current situation due to the broad choice of operators and due to costs for mutual calls of different operators.  

Our cooperation partners guarantee the quality and are well known producers of telecommunication equipment: Siemens, Ericsson, Nortel, Cisco, Alcatel. We do the equipment installation and programming so that the implementation of the new techniques would cause to you as less problem as possible.