The company SIA „Eiroparks” is established in the year 2004 with an objective to offer different solutions of internal cabling (low intensity current networks).

However, within the growing process, SIA Eiroparks starts to offer ever wider choice of services in information technologies for customers in Latvia and the Baltic states. This field (IT&T information technologies and telecommunications) has been chosen intentionally, because it’s meaning in modern society ever grows and demand for these services is stable in the market. Also the offer of products and provided services expands, as a result of it our customers find to be difficult or even impossible to digest this market, they need professional advice.

We offer to the customers equipment of such producers as Siemens, Nortel, AAstra/Ericsson, Alcatel-Lucent, Panasonic, Cisco, 2N Telekomunikace a.o.

There are cooperation and support contracts concluded with all producers or their representatives.

The company has great experience in the field of IT&T services. More than 10 years spent in IT&T market allows to provide to customers wide and professional consultations, to help to choose the optimal solution and equipment, as well as suggest regarding their exploitation and maintenance.